Ikere Ekiti new yam festival holds next saturday

The paramount ruler of Ikere Ekiti Kingdom, Oba Adejimi Adu Alagbado, Agirilala II, has endorsed the mega celebration of this year’s New Yam Festival slated for Saturday, 22 July, 2017 at Uro Quarter, Ikere Ekiti.


Akamuja Obawale Charles Ekundayo, Oba Obalufon Erujeje 1, Akamuja of Uro   made this known in a release made available to media houses.


Akamuja Ekundayo said “The Ogoga who is the paramount ruler of Ikere is indeed a king of great vision. The Oba, being the first graduate to occupy the throne of Ogoga and me being the first graduate and a journalist to occupy the post of Akamuja of Uro Ikere are   having a synergy of purpose at projecting the culture and tradition of our great town and forefathers for the benefits of our people.’’


Akamuja Ekundayo revealed that the Ogoga ‘is striving hard at ensuring that the tourism potentialities in the kingdom are resuscitated and highlighted for the glory of the town, the people and the state. Hence, the support the Oba is lending to this year’s New Yam Festival in Uro.’’


He revealed “The festival was laid down by Akamuja Orumo, who was a prince in Ile – Ife. He was the first Akamuja that came with all the spiritual and royal paraphernalia of office particularly the Ancient spiritual ‘Agba drum’ and settled in Uro where he created the first market called Ayegun in front of his ancient palace in Uro quarters which it existed till 1902.’’


Akamuja said “The essence of the festival is to usher in a new season of Ikere traditional festivals particularly the new Yam festival of the Ogoga of Ikere. It is also to usher in a new season of harvest by giving thanks to Olodumare , the supreme deity and Obalufon, the god of light and prosperity, good health and longevity.’’


He disclosed “ The festival is a nine -day  affairs which kicks off today with Iwemo , when the town will be sanctified for the new year and new yam festival . This will pave the way for Udi, and other competitive games sports   between July 17 and – 19, July 20 to 21  will be for Idasu Obalufon as Saturday 22 will be the Grand finale  when Ikere Ekiti will witness the deluge of tourists.’’


Akamuja Ekundayo revealed “ We  have started  feeling the vibration of the marketing and promotional efforts of this year’s New Yam festival  committe as  we are being daily inundated by  inquisitions and inquiries from  festival lovers  from Trinidad and Tobago , Cuba , Uruguay , Brazil , UK ,USA and Chile .  Some of these people have witnessed or participated in one of the previous celebrations which I rejuvenated four years ago.’’


He praised the Ogoga of Ikere kingdom for his immeasurable support for this year’s celebration saying “It will be the best. Just join us on Saturday 22 July in Uro quarter in Ikere.

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