Corruption Allegation: Senate Raises Committee To Probe IGP Ibrahim Idris

Also To Probe Police Allegations Against Senator Misau

Corruption Allegation: Senate Raises Committee To Probe IGP Ibrahim Idris

The Senate on Wednesday set up an eight-man ad hoc committee to probe the allegations of corruption leveled against the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris, by Senator, Isah Misau representing Bauchi.

In the same vein, it ordered its Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions to investigate the allegations by the Police against Senator Misau.

Both the Police and Senator Misau have been having running battles over allegations of corruption leveled by the Senator against the Inspector General.

The Police had launched a counter allegation, insisting that Senator Misau had deserted the Force and had forged documents to contest election to be in the Senate.

The Senate raised the probe panels on the strength of a Point of Order by Misau who intimated his colleagues with the running battles he has been having with the Police since he raised the allegation of corruption against the Inspector General

Senator Misau accused the IGP of blackmailing him because he dared to talk about the level of corruption in the force, just as he raised fresh allegation bothering on infidelity against the IGP.

He alleged the inspector-general of police (IGP) has been offering promotion to female officers who he has been having affairs with, a development he said has been having demoralizing impact on hardworking officers.

He also accused IGP of receiving money from oil companies where police officers were sent to provide security.

He said while most Nigerians were without security protection, the Police had kept deploying a large number of officers to guard companies and a few individuals.

He said, “I am a retired Police officer and had served for 10 years; my father served the force for 34 years. In fact, he joined the Police before I was born.

“So, when I speak about the Police, I know what I am saying. When I speak about the Police, I speak with authority.

“I am concerned about what is happening in the Police in terms of bribery; there is a need for something urgent to be done to salvage the image of the institution.

“Before raising alarm on the irregularities in the institution, I called three serving officers and they confirmed to me that people pay more than N500, 000 to get promoted.

“I also have other evidences that I am ready to release for investigation,’’ he said.

“This is an open secret; it is obvious that even people with questionable character have Police protection and have been blaring sirens all over the place.

“One Police officer is supposed to serve 400 people, but in Nigeria, it is one Police officer to 800 people, while one private marketer has more than 30 policemen.

“A situation like that only depletes the number of Police personnel available to protect the ordinary citizens.

“We have excellent Police officers who are now demoralised because promotion is no longer based on merit and years of service.

“Another thing I found out is that there is illegal diversion of funds. Under the 2016 Budget, there was a line item for purchase of Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), but instead of the APCs, luxury cars were purchased without virement,’’

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