AIM 2017: Renewing African’s Strength, Unity Through Music

Dancers from Republic of Togo at the event

The rhyme of the beat flows perfectly with the torrent and the dancing waves of the Atlantic Ocean in unison with the movements of the leaves on the palm trees and others around, just as every other living creature around responded with their bodies to the melodious tunes of African beat at the maiden Edition of Africa International Music Festival (AIM).

AIM, a festival put in place to further create and establish another pathway for African unity was held at La Campagne Tropicana Beach resort at Ibeju Lekki where about 50 musicians from different parts of Africa, featured prominently in the two-day event which was attended by people from all over the world.

The music carnival showcased the beauty of African music, drums, and dancing steps as classical African music were played to the admiration of participants the occasion as many Caucasian and Asian guests who attended could not resist dancing to the melodius music.

But beyond music and cultural promotion, the festival is symbolic, and timely, it came at a time when there is great yearning for concerted efforts for Africans to take the advantage of their rich human and natural resources to move the continent to a greater height and that was the exact reason why Otunba Wanle Akinboboye and his team put heads together to further complements efforts towards the unity of Africa.

While explaining the rationale behind the event Dr Akinboboye who is also the president of Lacampagne Tropicana Beach Resort said ‘we are the only race in the world that has been disconnected from our root and that disconnection has put us to where we are today, a consistent process of retrogression, if your feet is not on the ground it will be very difficult for you to move and your feet can only be on the ground when it is rooted in your culture, you can be as cosmopolitan as you are, but your culture must reflect that cosmopolitan.’

‘The music festival is to correct the same notion of what is going on in Africa that we must be like America or Europe before we can be recognised, Africa is where music started from, there is nothing, not one single festival that is associated with Africa, when they are doing jazz Festival in Capetown they invite Lagbaja, and even in Network they invite African musicians but we have 54 African countries with diverse type s of music, we need to create a platform where people from all walks of life can come and watch the entire continent through music.’’

The Ivorian Ambassador to Nigeria Ambassador Kore Spouse Maman toure while adresaing the gathering at the opening ceremony said African music and culture is the best in the world , ‘ African unity is something that we must all work to achieved , we are blessed with so many things that can be used for advancement and our unity will quickly ehnace our greatness’
The events which also featured fireworks, fashion parade was attended by  dignitaries from various African country including  Ambassador Kore Spouse Maman toure Cote d’ivoire, ivorian Ambassador to Nigeria,  Amb Mcufatou Laleye Benin Republic Ambassador, Mr  Bola Adeeko, CEO central securities and clearing ltd Alhaji Teju Kareem CEO zesmirage multimedia.


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