We Must Inculcate the Knowledge of Drums in Younger Generations Amosun

The Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has disclosed that inculcating the knowledge of drums, its rhythm and tonality in children and the younger generation remains the best way to redeem our pride.


Senator Amosun who disclosed these at the day 2 of the African Drum Festival roundtable conference with International and local master drummers held at the Olumo Rock Tourist Complex with the theme, ‘DRUMming The Future”, said he was happy that the program now has an intellectual angle that would make it possible to inculcate the legacies of drums, its rhythm in generations yet unborn.

Amosun further disclosed that drums plays an important role in our everyday life as Africans, even beyond the Continent, adding that drums has its pride of place.

” We should educate ourselves about the essence of drum, drum does a lot for us, about the roles that drums play in our everyday life as Africans, even beyond the continent, it has its pride of place.

” I am happy that we are looking at the intellectual side of it so that we can inculcate drums, particularly in our children, generations yet unborn, because even the one we are doing now, these are legacies from our forbearers, we don’t want to forget our identity, we don’t want to forget our past, we can do a lot with drums,” he said.

Speaking on the way forward for drums in the continent, lead speakers Jeleel Ojuade from Nigeria and Sylvania Kuwor from Ghana both noted that it was important for Africans to accept the legacies of their forbearers, adding that the drum was not just an instrument but a library.

The two lead speakers also commended the great work done by the Ogun State Government, saying that the government under the leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun had laid a great foundation for culture and tradition to thrive.

Some of the master drummers that spoke at the conference opined that Africa has everything, when it comes to drums, with a suggestion that drums should be made part of our school curriculum at the primary and secondary levels.

The Consultant, African Drum Festival, Prof. Wole Soyinka applauded the master drummers for playing a major role at rejuvenating African culture, adding that the beauty of rhythm and drum shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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