Prayer Mountain Where Over 100,000 Christian Pilgrims Converge Annually to Praise God with Angels

The ancient town of Igboho, Oyo state hosted over 100,000 christian pligrims from all over the world for 2018 edition of Ona Iwa Mimo Cherubim and Seraphim Church annual pilgrimage and 80 anniversary.
Historically, Igboho is relevant in Oyo hostory, and that of Alaafin next to the town is Igbo Oba now known as Old Oyo National part a centre of activities during the old Oyo empire.
Apart from the undulating nature of the mountain top the holy mountain which is located at Obaago, Igboho oorelope local government has a unique feature which is lake where people fetch for drinking  cooming and bathing  for 3 days .
They church built a wall around  lake  to avoid abuse and retain its purity as holy water.
Like every other prayer mountain the holy mountain was said to have been founded by late prophet Jacob Oke  Adeola on the instruction of holy spirit after a divine encounter.
According to record, Prophet Adeola a cattle rearer  was in trance for 83 days without a meal after an encounter and he moved to the mountain in the Northern part of the country  during one od his business trip and while in trance   some angels appeared to him and  revealed to that God want him to preach Gospel in different location and churches  and stop the cattle business he was doing.
“While the divine encounter was on,  the only thing he could utter was Maa wi which means (speak on) and today the mountain is name Awi sacred mountain. Upon his return from the trip, the prophesy came to pass as he stopped the cow business and  established churches in Tede, Sepeteri, Saki, Ago Are,Ipapo, Iseyin, and other places in Nigeria and other countries in Africa United Kingdom and United State of America and he made it a point of duty to converge annually for holy pilgrimage where people interact with Angels and  have direct encounter with God.
The annual event which span between 26- 29th of october features  worship and special prayer session, vigil and anointing services as well as presentation of award to deserving members of the public as well as selected leaders  who have performed excellently well in their various position especially on issues relating to the growth of the church.
Senior Apostle Adeola Adebayo, a senior member of the church in an interaction with ALARINKA said the church has been in existence since 1938 and this annual anniversary is to showcase the extent to which the church has grown and see the well being of the church members
” Its a three day maranthon prayer , everybody will come in to pray and request for something from God, we have tickets that we give people for data collation and this year pilgrimage is a special event, we have vigils from monday to thursday and we have some other special programms that we have for Thursday Friday before and the programms continue till monday, interms of population, its about hundred of thousands.
Speaking about the water, Adebayo said” The  water is natural , its from the rock that is the water we drink here for three days is from inside the rock here, that water is holy water  and if you take the water it will solve the any problems ranging from financial, marital, job, family or any issues, we ‘ve been having testimonies  that is our believe,   even some people we are far away do come here or ask their relative to send them the water. it works.
Hundres of jerricans line queued for the water as most of the owners said they are taking  “Omi Adua ” back to their various destinations
Economic activities was also at the top gear during the period , hotels around usually enjoy increase patronage as well as  other business.
 An indigene of the town and Former Registra Joint Admission Matriculation Board. Professor Dibu Ojerinde while speaking about the mountain said he has been a manor beneficiaries of God’s work on the mountain.

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