Aquatech Wonderland and Lake of Leisure Berths in Ibadan

Aquathec Wonderland And Lakes is a place of aquatic splendour born out of passion to create a place for leisure and attracts visitors from all over the world .
Located  at Fodacis off Adeoyo road area in Ibadan the developing  tourism potential  is the  handiwork of a creative  personality Ayobami Omidiran whose passion is turning waste into wealth and create opportunity for younger generations to develop their creative ability.
The agro tourism centre is part of facilities at Aquatech college of Agricultural  and Technology, a government approved institution where
 the need for broader knowledge in larger areas of Agriculture and Technology and other related programme ia being attended to
Dr Ayobami Omidiran
Explaining the rationale behind the project, Dr Ayobami Omidiran ,the provost of the college told TTH that ” Actually we are looking into core agrotourism and to complement it we are also looking at th recreational aspect of fisheries. because we have what we called recreational fishery, so introducing recreational fishery will also help in our drive towards  promoting domestic tourism in the country.”
 “We are trying to replicate what is obtainanlble in other part of the world so that people can come for recreational fisheries at periodic intervals, during the programme participant get recreated through foray into the fishing aspect and at the same time they also learn one thing or the other about fishing and other aspect of agro tourism”
“Like  the do in Argungu festival, people will jump into the lake to fetch fish, and lucky people with biggest fish will be rewarded with prize, they must also know the name of the fish they caught during the period. inspite of the security challenges foreigners still visit argungun festival annually its is an international festival and that is also what we are looking at.”
Omidiran explained further canoe is always on the lake for people to pad round the water , “pading canoe is also an excercise on its own doing it for just 10 minutes maked body lighter and loss calories and the experince will not be forgetable”
He explain further that there is a plan for extension to accomodate other facilities and that will enhance domestic tourism in agro and eco aspects as well as training people.
Speaking about the school. Omidiran,  Ph.D holder from University of Ibadan said “the school which he started 10/years ago  was developed out of passion to practicalized what he studied at the University.
”  At the school we trained people on fishery and poultry managements, as well as marketing of the products, we also offer National Diploma and certificate for our student and have trained over 1500 students  since we started and annually we produced between 30- 50 tons of fish annually.

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