Sowore is a cultural goat!

I don’t blame him I blame Nigerians Who are easily deceived By cheap and inconsequential acts Nigerians who are easily carried away Yea, easily sweep off their feet By jejune deeds and acts Which in other saner clime Would have cultivated to the doer Strict Excommunication or conferred on him A pariah status or plaque infested soul Who to be avoided like an escapee from the lepers’ colony Who is supposed to be ostracised But here in Nigeria such a soul if not venerated, idolised, will be eulogised, praised, commended and turn him to A daylight hero who will, in turn, see himself As a superhero of all times And in Nigeria, his past deeds acts, antics, the misdemeanour do not matter Neither does it counts Cultist. Axeman. Blackmailer.Drug addict.

Rapist. Sodomist. Homosexual. Defiant. All these elements of So precedent behavioural identification Do not count And thus Nigeria Breeds its so-called leaders of tomorrow Whose genre produces elements like Sowore The guy who has allowed folie de grandeur The stupidity of greatness hunted down his expected societal sense of responsibility, reasonability candour and diligence And he like a son tamed on the free range Sees himself as an entity of note
Just because he has through a breach of trust Which he committed to a good samaritan Gbenga Obasanjo Who saved him from the shame of having to wait for a cross-border soole and offered to give him a ride to Lagos And the son of the former President Who naively believed he has in his car .

A trustworthy young man Who he can share his innermost mind battling issues with Thus, revealed to him, the secret of his family And without knowing that He has in his car A mischievous young man who was desperate at having a story to stoke the popularity and acceptability of his newswire platform And without he being informed and without any formal permission The desperate young man whose precedent and acts in the University of Lagos A reek of disgust and ignoble acts Pumped the whole private discussion which he was privileged to have obtained from an unbridled talk of a loquacious son of Obasanjo Into the WWW And thus The platform has assumed a potent instrument of intimidation harassment, victimization and journalistic terrorism And the boy has become THE Emperor.

The Czar of Intimidation Who uses the platform to command obedience to his whim and caprices Thus making him feel above all With Arrant Arrogance, unbridled pride and nonchalant attitude becoming his second skin and apparel.

And these behavioural malfeasances Have cut short the tenacity of his thinking horizon These have commenced a fatal re-engineering of his mental faculty Purging him off the virtue of humility To swell up his head beyond the capacity of his skull Making him misbehaving like a goat who suddenly found itself in a yam stead Or like a boy who fame smiled upon at Noon First was his “Ekiti Marijuana “loose talk Which I believe that it is only those who feel it know it all For only a man who feels it will know it all Thus, I care not about this gutter and senseless remarks about my state For, I believed he must have stuffed a touch light of the Ganja that day when he ran his mouth like a burst water pipe However, his dance of shame at the Ooni Palace got me off And going by his tweet and a post circulated by another young man who claimed to be an eyewitness, I have no doubt That this Omoyele Sowore Is not only a bad influence but a cultural goat His conducts, words and utterance both at the palace of Ooni of Ife and after, copiously showcased Sowore as a young man who lacks ordinary home training And I don’t blame him { Awon kenimani lo so ole re di alagbara } Such a guy is not fit to lead.

Shame on him

By wale ojo lanre

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